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8 Tips for Downsizing in Retirement

Whether you are a newly retired individual ready to embrace this next chapter of your life or a seasoned professional, more often than not, the time will come to sell the family home and downsize.

Depending on personal objectives, the reason can vary.

You may need the capital for retirement savings, and with many different tax considerations often front of mind, moving to a smaller property is a wise choice.

Perhaps you are an empty nester with no children at home and less home maintenance, with more time to enjoy the things you once used to, or take up new hobbies, all with the ability to live independently.

Or it may be that your retirement plans involve a sea change, so a smaller property will help you embrace a lifestyle full of everything you need for the next chapter.

However, no matter what the reason, downsizing your home can still be daunting. 

Whether you have been in your family home for 30 years or it’s a place you’ve called home for only a few.

The sentimentality of moving home and accepting that life is changing can make the process feel overwhelming, often leaving you unsure how to start the process.

So to help you on your way, we have put together eight easy tips with simple advice on how to downsize in retirement with ease and as little stress as possible

Choosing when to sell

You may have picked out your dream Oasis Communities home and are ready to downsize immediately and embrace your new lifestyle, but depending on your future financial situation, consider when the right time is to sell the family home.

Not rushing into the sale will give you time to sort through your current house and seek further advice about the best time to sell.

It’s also important to remember that the sale of your home is not included in the assets test for the age pension.

You have 12 months from selling your current home if you plan to use the money to buy a new home, so there is time on either side of your decision.

Go digital

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This step can be done well before you have even found a new home to move into.

It is also a great place to start if you are waiting for your Oasis Community to be completed.

A big part of the benefits of going digital is the reduction of paperwork, making the move streamlined.

If you aren’t feeling very computer savvy, get the family involved.

You are looking to scan papers like receipts, invoices, bills or even old memories like the grandkid’s artwork onto a hard drive or USB, saving space and packing time.

You can rest easy knowing that if anything gets misplaced during the move, you can access another copy.


Linked with the digital process is decluttering you home.

There are many ways to approach this task and it is important that you go with what suits you, so make sure you sort through your belongings in a way that creates little stress.

A great option is looking at a room at a time.

Thinking of the whole house can feel overwhelming, so tackle one room and sort your belongings into three piles.

Keeping, tossing out or maybe.

You might think it’s better to have just a keep and toss pile, but having this third option gives you more time to process and let go.

If you hit the worst case scenario, and you’re still left with the ‘maybe’ pile closer to the move, at least you will have reduced the overall clutter, leaving you with less to sort through.

If a room at a time is not your style, go smaller, look at one draw a day, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you end up tackling the rest of the home.


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You may think you’ll take all the oversized items with you, but often the layout of your stylish new Oasis home may not accommodate your older furniture.

Measure your current furniture and see how it will fit according to the floor plan.

With a new beautiful home with gorgeous finishes, a refresh to the furniture could be in order.

If you are getting rid of your larger belongings, try and sell them or give them away before throwing them in the bin.

Grandkids, family or friends are often very grateful recipients of any unwanted items.

If not, you could get some extra cash by selling on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or GumTree, allowing you to pocket the money to pay for that new furniture.

Ask for help

One of the most challenging elements of downsizing your home is asking for help.

Especially if you were raised with a strict ‘just get on with it’ attitude.

But this is a considerable undertaking and needs space to be recognised as such.

From financial advisors who can help navigate your capital and financial assets gained from selling your home to reaching out to the team at Oasis.

It’s essential to seek help when you need it.

Our friendly team would love to help you set up your new property the way you want it and fill you in on the activities around the complex.

The team at Oasis Communities love to help where they can, so no matter your question, make sure you reach out, and we will do what we can to assist you.

Insurance and Utilities

Before you leave your old home, one last thing on the checklist should be transferring your building and contents insurance as well as utilities like water and electricity.

All Oasis Communities buildings are individually metered, billed and supplied, so update your service provider to your new home address

Take your time

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Unfortunately, this point is a crucial and overlooked step in the downsizing process.

Often we feel an urgency to jump into everything all at once, but there is no reason to move into your new place quickly.

Even if you have to make an initial decision in a short time frame, remember there is always a buffer of contracts settling, the old home selling, and during this time, you can slowly process and adjust to each task.

Letting go of your family home can take a huge emotional toll, and feelings that emerge should never be pushed to the side.

Make sure you talk to your family and friends about what’s coming up for you, and you can even reach out to the team at Oasis so we can help you settle in if you’re finding it tricky to adjust to your new lifestyle.

Most importantly, remember why you are doing this.

When we think about our values or goals, be it creating the lifestyle we want and access to a close community or having help at hand when we need it, tuning into your reasons will help us transition, let go and free you to ease into this beautiful new stage of life.

It’s still your home

The final thing to remember, once you have transitioned into your new gorgeous Oasis Communities home, is that although you have downsized, this new property and community is still your home and, if anything, should only enhance the life you want to live.

In the Oasis Communities home estates, guests can still visit and stay overnight or for up to three months.

You’ll be able to connect with friends and go to all your social events, but with the added benefit of not needing to worry about general upkeep and costs that would have come should you have stayed in your larger family home.

Plus, depending on your community, you’ll get access to many incredible lifestyle features such as a library, pool and cinema.

It will feel like the family home, only better in no time.

If you still want more advice or to learn more about the Oasis Communities, get in touch here.

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