Aerial view of an Oasis Communities site under construction

Oasis Redhead May/June Construction Update

The last few months have shown significant progress, and we love seeing the community come to life! Nearly all the houses in Stage 1 have been completed internally and Stage 2 homes will follow shortly this month. We are seeing more kitchens, bathrooms, and pergolas being completed, with landscaping commencing as we speak. Road sub-base and services have commenced in Stage 1 in preparation for the roads, driveways, and paths.

Services location for the Public Domain works have been completed allowing the commencement of physical works to road widening, a channelised right-hand turn, kerb, and guttering. The kiosk substation has been installed, with the substation scheduled for energisation in mid-June. Civil works and services installation to Stages 3 to 5 will continue throughout June.

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